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Fall Home Landscaping Ideas


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Fall is the time to prepare yards for the harsh New England winters for the best possible comeback when spring arrives again. Give your lawn the care it needs to outlast the extreme weather to come. Here are some fall landscaping ideas to get ready for the changing seasons!

1. Plant New Shrubs

To stimulate root growth and establish an optimal root system before the frost, planting some species of shrubs in the fall is best due to the warm soil conditions and cool air. For example, the best time to plant hydrangeas is in the fall! Each climate has different types of shrubs that thrive best in their respective zones, so it is best to do your research before planting.

2. Organize, Maintain and Properly Store Tools

When tools are properly cared for and organized well, there is a higher chance they will last longer and be more easily found come springtime. Proper maintenance of more heavy duty equipment can help make them last longer. Creation of organization systems such as cordless drill storage and battery recharge stations, compressor and pneumatic tool storage, tool cabinets and crate storage lockers with peg boards or even French cleat blade storage arrangements can make all the difference in garage or basement storage and are possible to DIY!

3. Aerate and Overseed the Lawn

The best time to aerate a lawn is late summer and early fall. Doing so creates holes in the lawn, making it easier for water and nutrients to get deeper into the soil. This helps with the overall health of the lawn before it becomes dormant for the winter months. Fall can also be the time to overseed the lawn, sometimes paired with aerating, in attempt to eliminate brown spots and encourage root growth for thicker, greener lawns.

4. Turn and Add Mulch

When refreshing the overall look and feel of a lawn or backyard landscape, it is not necessary to remove old mulch, as it breaks down naturally. To discourage mold growth and better the flow of water, it is best to turn and mix mulch every so often. Since mulch color often fades over time, adding a refresh of mulch can improve the overall aesthetic of a lawn or landscape.

5. Hardscapes Update

Prevent costly damage from freezing and thawing, known as frost heave, to existing hardscapes. Bring larger, moveable decor such as concrete statues, bird fountains or other large ornamental items to a storage area to prevent damage caused by water or high winds. Remember to drain these decorative items of water before moving. Utilizing mulch or straw as an insulator around root structures can help prevent underground ice formation, which is a main cause of frost heave in hardscapes. For already damaged hardscapes, hired service providers can fill in larger cracks and seal hardscapes to prevent further, more irreversible damage. After the first snowfall, use plastic shovels when removing snow, as metal ones may have a higher chance of damaging concrete.

7. Window Boxes

Window boxes can be more than stylish planters! By adding a treatments such as a window box with dimension and color, a home’s curb appeal can be improved, which could raise the value. There are even self-watering window box options. A blend of attractive fall foliage, such as the autumnal tones from mums, with ornamental grasses and a fun addition such as a pumpkin or gourd, are great ideas for taking advantage of the beauty of fall, all while improving a home’s value.

8. Outdoor Plumbing

Empty hoses and store for the coming freeze, winterize your hose bibs and insulate exposed pipes. If an irrigation system is present, hire a professional to perform backflow testing. Consult a professional plumber with questions regarding outdoor plumbing.

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