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Member Experience

Member-Oriented Experience

Pioneer Valley Credit Union members are encouraged to utilize these additional great benefits for the betterment of their financial wellbeing.

  • Free Budget Analysis
  • Free Debt Analysis 
  • Virtual Appointments
  • Free Notary Public
  • Full Cash Services
  • Digital Banking

More Additional Benefits

Member Stories

“The Credit Union has a staff of outstanding service professionals.  Whether it’s the Loan Department or Member Services Department everyone is always extremely helpful.”

Rick 'Just Ducky' P.,, Member

“Easy to work with, friendly staff and time saving services makes being a member at Pioneer Valley Credit Union great for me.  They really know how to take care of everything so that it makes using their services effortless.

Tracy R.,, Member since 2008

“My time is so limited. I love the convenience of having the Credit Union come to my work through the CU on the Go® Bank at Work Program, to help me with my banking, which makes it so that I have one less errand to run- PVFCU makes my life easier; plus when I go to my Credit Union I am not a number I am a member.”

Lizet F.,, Member

 “I love the Credit Union.  Every time I do business with the Credit Union it’s exceptional…their all about people”

Chris S.,, Member

“The Credit Union has been a life saver to me without their help I would not have been able to put my children through college.”

Maurice 'Mo' J.,, Member

“Whenever I visit the branch the staff is always friendly and I like the many programs the Credit Union has to offer.” 

Gabe M.,, Member

“We enjoy the PVFCU difference of personalized service and the feeling of not being a number but a member.”

Forgue Family.,, Member

“Coming to the Credit Union feels like home and it is great to know that my money is secure…anybody with common sense should have their money here.”

Richard D.,, Member

“The one on one relationships built through the member services of the Credit Union is what has maintained my financial well-being for more than a decade.”

Paula M.,, Member

“PVFCU can be counted on to offer quick, convenient, and professional financial service with a family feel."

Team K Ride; Dominic B., Steven S., & Dan W.

“Being a PVCU member gave me a chance to build financial stability in my life by helping me to start an emergency fund account.  I never knew how relieved being financially prepared would make me feel until I went through my own personal crisis.”

James W,, Member

“Every time I walk into my new house, which was made possible by the Mortgage Team at PVCU, I am thankful for being taken care of like family by my Credit Union.”

Michelle G,, Member

I have been a Post Office employee and a member of Pioneer Valley Credit Union for over a decade. I am very happy with the service I receive. I have had quite a few loans since joining. When it was time for an upgrade to get a new hybrid vehicle loan for my brother, I knew I had to contact the Lending team at PVCU. I give my experience five stars! Liliya and Amanda were extremely helpful. When I didn’t get enough of a loan amount the first time, I contacted Liliya and she gave me the amount I needed. She even continuously followed up with me to make sure I had everything I needed. Amanda was so helpful with getting all the paperwork I needed squared away. She contacted the insurance company on my behalf and navigated the process with me. If it weren’t for her, I would have been stuck in limbo.

Everyone was so helpful from start to finish, even at the front line. When I went in person, they had everything prepared and ready for me for when I got in. My experience was so positive. I have a Free Checking Account and never have any problems. By signing up for Direct Deposit, I got a discount on my Vehicle Loan! My pay also goes in a day early with Direct Deposit, so I am very happy about that.

Thomas L., Member Since 2011

I have been a member of Pioneer Valley CU for six years. I have a Mortgage with them and recently took out a Boat Loan with my son. When he found the perfect boat online, we knew we had to get a loan from Pioneer Valley CU because of the great rates. We had a great experience with the whole team. We’d still be going through the motions if it wasn’t for Liliya. We made several calls to her and she never got frustrated and stayed member focused. Liliya personally reached out to my son and got everything she needed in a timely manner. She is absolutely awesome, friendly and genuine. The whole Lending team was on the same page, communicative, and never made me feel rushed. We will be using Pioneer Valley Credit Union again in the near future.

Anonymous, Member Since 2016

I have been in the Banking/Financial Services field for 19 years, newly retired, and I am absolutely refreshed by the experience I had at Pioneer Valley Credit Union. My previous Home Equity Line of Credit had reached the end of its draw period. With concern for not having security for emergencies, and tired of the long and drawn out process at my old institution, I sought advice from my cousin who recommended Pioneer Valley Credit Union, as she heard there have been great reviews and response from the Home Equity products. I was impressed by the good deal and good rate and decided get more info. I went through the Drive Thru, and was met with awesome service! The employees went above and beyond to help put me in touch with Liliya from the Lending Department.


Liliya and Kim S. were so refreshing. They were down to Earth, professional and always followed up on each step of the process with a phone call or email. I was not used to service like this, as my old institution had been a stark contrast compared to the phenomenal service I received at Pioneer Valley Credit Union. During my appointment with Liliya, I couldn’t believe how quick the process was! I am a member now, as I like what PVCU has to offer. I even opened up a Checking Account, which was also an easy process! In the near future, I look to streamline and move the rest of my accounts over to Pioneer Valley Credit Union.

Jim T., Member Since 2022

I am so thankful and excited to be a member of Pioneer Valley Credit Union. I saved over $4,000 dollars by refinancing my car loan with PVCU! My monthly payment not only dropped dramatically, I was able to get GAP Insurance.

The best part is that I have no payments for the next three months!

Ester C., Member Since 2021

My partners and I are new local business owners and wanted to open an account for our LLC. The teller helped us so much and was very knowledgeable on the documents needed. She's also always so friendly. Thank you PVCU!

Jessica D., Jensen M., Christopher L.

What a great experience!

I just want to take a moment from my day to say just how great PVCU is! I just refinanced my home with them, the staff was beyond helpful, the process was painless and such a blessing!

Everyone, from the folks working the branches, to the underwriting team, all around the best closing I've ever experienced!

Thank you all for your efforts, you've help lift a heavy load off me!

Matt B., Member Since 2021

I am so thankful and excited to be a member of PVCU.  I was involved in an unfortunate auto accident that left me without a car.  I was able to get the car I actually wanted and save over $100 a month on my payment and that includes my warranty and GAP insurance.  Not only that, my payment is payroll deducted so I don’t even have to remember to make a payment!  Thank you so much to Amanda, your professionalism, guidance and expertise really made this process so much easier than I could have ever imagined.  So KUDOS to you and everyone at PVCU!

Diana J., Member Since 2015

Speaking with a Financial Life Coach helped me to learn ways to cut costs at a time when my family really needed it the most. The practical and professional expertise I received helped me to gain a greater understanding of how to move towards a better financial situation for me and my family. I feel privileged to be a member because of the personalized experience I always receive.

Andrea C., Member Since 2008

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