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National Financial Awareness Day


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What are the roadblocks keeping you from reaching your financial goals? Are your expenses outweighing your income? You can meet with a Pioneer Valley Credit Union (PVCU) expert to help you sort out your financial questions and get the ANSWERS you need!

What is National Financial Awareness Day?

National Financial Awareness Day promotes financial independence and awareness of taking charge of your financial wellbeing. Today is the perfect day to check on your financial “pulse” and get the vital information you need to reach your goals. The theme of the day revolves around credit, investments and retirement. Pioneer Valley Credit Union is willing and able to help its members regarding these listed topics and much more.

How Members Can Participate:

You can Make a Virtual Appointment with a member of our dedicated Lending Team for a FAST and FREE Credit Analysis to see how you can save on your monthly expenses. If you already are aware of your financial situation and would like to meet to discuss another topic, Pioneer Valley Credit Union has many different experts who are knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. Review the "Make Appointment" page located in the top right side of our website to read more about each professional and how they can help regarding your individual financial situation.

How Pioneer Valley Credit Union Participates:

Pioneer Valley Credit Union encourages member education to empower members to establish financial stability and security. In addition, PVCU offers tools to help members reach their financial goals. Here is a short list of the just a few of the ways PVCU can help its members!

  1. Financial Wellness Advice: Review overall financial condition, construct a manageable spending plan and learn the importance of financial stability and security as a FREE service to Pioneer Valley Credit Union members.
  2. Credit Builder Loans: This unique loan is specifically designed for members* who are interested in gaining financial independence.
  3. Emergency Fund Account: Did you know that the average American millennial only has around $2,000 in Emergency Savings? Pioneer Valley Credit union’s Financial Life Coaches recommend three to six months of earnings saved for a proper Emergency Fund. Become self-reliant and ensure financial security if the unexpected occurs without relying on credit.
  4. Retirement and Investment Accounts: It’s never too soon to start planning** for retirement and ensure a secure future. Pioneer Valley Credit Union PVCU offers both Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts, Money Market Savings Accounts, Share Certificates and Education Savings Accounts.
  5. Consolidate Private Student Loans: Pioneer Valley Credit Union members may be able to save on their monthly expenses by consolidating their Student Loans.

This are just a few of the ways Pioneer Valley Credit Union promotes financial independence for its members on National Financial Awareness Day. Each and every financial situation varies. It is important to sit with a professional to review and recommend the best course of action based on individual needs. Speak with a representative at Pioneer Valley Credit Union today!

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*All loans subject to credit approval. Rates and/or credit limits are based on creditworthiness, income and debts.
**Consult with your tax advisor

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