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How to Pay for Childcare


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School is out for the summer! When it comes to childhood, summer is an integral time for making lifelong memories. The ability to afford great ways to do so, like summer sports, science camps or family vacations, can be difficult.

An Eagle Line of Credit from Pioneer Valley Credit Union is a personal line of credit where you can access your money at any time, self-manage on your own terms and conveniently connect to a Checking Account to set it and forget it!

The Difference between a Personal Loan and a Personal Line of Credit

A Personal Loan allows the borrower to receive a fixed sum of money up front, while making fixed monthly payments throughout the set term of the loan. A Personal Line of Credit allows the borrower to withdraw as much as needed at any time without having to reapply.

This means there are major advantages of having a Personal Line of Credit for Child Care. The access to funds are always available at any time needed¹. Pioneer Valley Credit Union’s unique Personal Line of Credit, called the Eagle Line of Credit, offers flexible repayment options and great benefits, as having a child can come with unpredictability and unexpected circumstances.

An Eagle Line of Credit

Pioneer Valley Credit Union’s Eagle Line of Credit gives you the ability to apply ONCE and access your money at any time by check, ATM, online or mobile*, borrow up to $25,000*, make affordable payments and there is no transfer fee for credit card debt. We make it easy for you! Self-manage this unique, Personal Line of Credit on your own terms and access your money at any time.

Pioneer Valley Credit Union members have used an Eagle Line of Credit for a variety of circumstances, from paying for child care to consolidating debt. In addition to offering a product that can greatly alleviate the stress of worrying about paying for child care, Pioneer Valley Credit Union offers a great service of Virtual Meeting Appointments to assist with budgeting and financial planning. Members can virtually meet with a financial representative from the convenience of their own home to discuss their financial needs, without having to worry about child care.

Easily get started with an Eagle Line of Credit by applying online today.

Pioneer Valley Credit Union offers Personal Loans designed with your financial goals in mind. Navigate to our Personal Loans page to learn more about the many products offered for your individual circumstance.

*Not all will qualify. Membership required.
¹Subject to available credit.

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