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How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill


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How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

0% Interest, 100% Easy with Mass Save! As a participating lender, Pioneer Valley Credit Union offers no-interest loans through the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program. Find out the top ten ways to save money on your energy bill below.

1. Mass Save Energy Loan

Pioneer Valley Credit Union offers a no-interest loan through its partnership with Mass Save. Our members can get a Home Energy Assessment, which is a personalized experience to receive ways to save on your energy bill catered specifically to your home.

Possible ways to save may include updates or upgrades including Mass Save Recommended Attic, Wall and Basement Insulation, Domestic Hot Water & Solar Hot Water Heaters, Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, ENERGY STAR® Qualified Replacement Windows, Heating Systems or Energy-Efficient Thermostats.

2. Schedule a Heating or Cooling Consultation Through Mass Save

Mass Save also offers Heating and Cooling Consultations, which provide technical expertise and support for those interested in learning more about heating systems or who are ready to install upgrades. Member education is an important part of Pioneer Valley Credit Union’s culture, and this benefit offered through our partnership is one of the many great resources for our members. These upgrades have the potential to save you money in the long term.

3. Switch Your Light Bulbs to Energy Efficient LED Bulbs

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), provide bright lighting with more savings on your energy bill than incandescent bulbs, and they last longer! Mass Save even offers a tool to view your energy saving options online to help narrow down your search, from specialty bulbs to modern fixtures. According to ENERGY STAR, consumers could save $1.5 billion dollars in energy bills and prevent 17 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by switching out 300 million outdated, inefficient incandescent bulbs! (

Another helpful energy saving tip is to switch to motion lights for outdoor lighting at night instead of keeping an incandescent light on throughout the entire night. By taking your lighting situation in to consideration, it is possible to save on your energy bill.

4. Consider Using a More Efficient Dishwasher

Mass Save helps consumers view their energy saving options online with modern, innovative features to help reduce water consumption and save on bills. Another helpful tip that may help lower costs includes only running the appliance when it is full, as the appliance will use the same amount of water regardless of the amount of dishes within. Modern, energy efficient dishwashers may also give a more effective clean, meaning less time and water will be wasted rinsing the dishes before packing the appliance.

5. Deep Clean Your Dryer Vent for a More Efficient Usage

Ensure your machine’s vent is clean and clear for a more efficient usage. Conserve energy and save money. Learn and read more about Mass Save’s Rebate Application for certified clothes dryers.

6. Cold Water Wash

The majority of energy used by the washing machine is to heat the water used for your cycle. By using a cold water wash, you can save money on your energy bill. Before replacing your old washer, check with Mass Save, as you may be eligible for up to $150 in rebates.

7. Replace Old Appliances with Energy Efficient Options Using Cost-Effective Programs

On occasion, outdated and older appliances may cost you more than the hassle is worth. Mass Save offers a store finder tool to help in the process of replacing old appliances with energy efficient ones. Depending on household income, members can qualify for Mass Save, the Massachusetts Community Action Program Agencies and Low-Income Energy Affordability Network’s assistance programs. Shop Mass Save energy efficient products with exclusive discounts online. Utilize money-saving bowser extensions like Honey and Retail Me Not for even more deals and discount opportunities.

8. Use Natural Light – Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

By using the sun’s natural light to your advantage for longer periods of time without relying on incandescent bulbs, you can save money on your electric bill. Turn off lights in rooms you are no longer in, or use natural light as long as possible by keeping shades and blinds open during the daylight.

9. Shower for a Few Minutes Less

Over time, changing habits like taking long, drawn out showers to taking quicker showers can save money long term. By showering for a few minutes less, it is possible to save money on your energy bill. Small changes can make a big difference!

10. Switch Fans to a Timer so They Don’t Stay on All Night

Just like modifying the habit of taking long showers, by using a timer to turn off fans later in the night, you can save on your energy bill. Over time, this habit can add up.

Subject to Mass Save Heat Loan Program guidelines and credit approval. Not all will qualify. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Visit or call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) for details and to learn more about the program. 

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