Savings Solutions

We help our members save for the future with ease. Whether you are saving for retirement, college or to take that next vacation even the smallest amount counts. We can help you to automatically deposit into your savings account each time you get paid. A little savings can go a long way, one step at a time. Save it and forget it and watch your money grow!

Savings at PVCU
Amount Saved Annual Savings*
$10 $520
$20 $1040
$30 $1560
$40 $2080
Shares • Holiday • Vacation • IRA Accounts • Emergency Funds • Change the Future
*Annual amounts saved above are based on weekly savings and represent straight savings which do not include the amount of earnings which will accrue.

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  • Share Account - A savings account with a $25 minimum balance establishes membership and maintains privileges. This account is comparable to a savings account at most financial institutions.
  • Secondary Share Account - This is a personalized dividend earning savings account. We will customize the title of the share account to your savings needs.
  • Share Certificates - Save your money at a great rate with flexible terms from 3 to 60 months.  A minimum deposit of only $1,000 is required to open.
  • IRA Accounts - When retirement seems far away we help put it in focus so you can save early and reap the benefits later. We offer Traditional and Roth IRA certificates and savings accounts.  Accounts can be opened with as little as $10. Learn more about Traditional and Roth IRAs. 
  • Money Market Accounts - Access and flexibility on your terms.  As your money grows so does your rate with the Money Market Account.  A minimum deposit of $2,500 is required to open.
  • Emergency Fund Account - Will help you be self-reliant and take care of bills if you have an unexpected expense or if your income is reduced or eliminated without relying on credit. Our Financial Life Coaches recommend three to six months worth of living expenses be set aside.
  • Trust Account - This account allows you to pass along your funds to your beneficiary, while maintaining control over the use of your account. This account is revocable, which means the trustee (you) may change or cancel beneficiaries. PVCU suggests you discuss your estate planning with a professional advisor.
  • Holiday Club - It's a great way to save for holiday expenses. Open a Holiday Club for as little as $10. The funds that have accumulated will be transferred directly into your Share Account, another designated account, or mailed upon your request. (Funds available November 1st).
  • Vacation Club - A fast and easy way to accumulate money for that dream vacation. Minimum balance is $10 to open an interest bearing vacation club, get three free withdrawals a year. Make your next vacation stress free and start saving now!  Open a Vacation Club!
  • Youth Accounts - Members ages 0-17 can learn successful savings practices which can help them for a lifetime. Learn more about our Youth Account Services