Financial Coaching

Change the Future™ One Step at a Time

The Path to Financial Fitness Starts Here!

Financial Solutions for Real People…

  • Learn to build an Emergency Fund one step at a time
  • Learn how to decrease your debt
  • Learn about credit scores and how they affect you

Don't wait! Contact a Financial Life Coach today at 413-733-2800!

We provide at no cost - One on One Financial Coaching

  • A Review of your financial condition
  • Help to design a manageable spending plan to suit your needs
  • Assistance in helping you implement your spending plan
  • Solutions to monitor your progress as you manage your new spending plan
  • Debt Analysis

Change the Future™ TODAY!

Take a look at what our members have to say about our Change the Future Program...

Speaking with a Financial Life Coach helped me to learn ways to cut costs at a time when my family really needed it the most. The practical and professional expertise I received helped me to gain a greater understanding of how to move towards a better financial situation for me and my family. I feel privileged to be a member because of the personalized experience I always receive.

— Andrea Callahan

I decided to meet with a Financial Life Coach when I wanted to move towards being debt free. Prior to the meeting I had no idea what my family and I were spending monthly. We made a realistic budget which allowed us to stay on track and we are now close to being debt free. I am glad that the Credit Union cares about my financial well-being and that makes a difference to me.

— Sarah Wedaman

We have the answer for you…

Pioneer Valley Credit Union's Financial Education and Wellness Program titled
Change the Future™…One Step at a Time was designed to help our members by empowering
them to understand the importance of financial stability and security, while offering the tools
to make sound financial decisions.

Change the Future™ is a valuable No Cost Service. Financial life coaching is based on fundamental
personal finance principles and is geared to help you improve and maintain your financial health.
We have a complete staff of Financial Life Coaches™ waiting to help you make the most of your
financial condition today.

Contact our Financial Education and Wellness Department Today at 413-733-2800.

Emergency Fund Account

When life brings you those "Oh NO" moments... be prepared with an emergency savings account.

Experts suggest that you should have three to six months of expenses saved for emergencies such as:

  • Loss of income due to job loss or death of a spouse
  • Long-term disability
  • Extreme damage to or loss of your home by natural disaster
  • Major auto repairs

Saving for an emergency can seem overwhelming but Pioneer Valley Credit Union makes it as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Open a secondary savings account and save for an emergency
  2. Save a little each paycheck with direct deposit
  3. Watch your emergency savings account grow!

Get peace of mind by being prepared for the "Oh NO" moments of life.

Being a PVCU member gave me a chance to build financial stability in my life by helping me to start an emergency fund account.  I never knew how relieved being financially prepared would make me feel until I went through my own personal crisis.

— James W., Member Since 2008