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Low Cost Home Improvement Projects Easy Enough to Do This Weekend

With so many still home these days, projects around the house can help to keep you entertained and give you a feeling of accomplishment. Whether you are doing work in the yard, adding some new furniture to the dining room or just want to transform your family room into a space you can be happy to spend time in, we have some ideas to help.

Color your space happy – A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room. You can literally take the space from drab to fab with a few strokes of a paint brush. Brighten a room, inject happiness, and make it appear more spacious with lighter shades.  Add a sophisticated touch by using darker colors. In the kitchen, the color red can invigorate the taste buds. Green in the family room can create warmth and a feeling of togetherness. After a long day, blue can help to create calm and increase relaxation. The colors you decide to use can transform your space while changing the mood in just a few hours at a low cost.

Decorate with style – New throw pillows, picture frames, artwork and decorative fixtures can all be arranged in a way that strikes up a conversation on the weekly family video call. Just like how paint can change the mood of a room so can the type of decor used to bring out the beauty of the space. There are so many apps and magazines out there to provide inspiration as to what to do with a space large or small, there are possibilities for them all. Start with a theme by using a signature piece which catches the eye and decorate from there by adding pieces to compliment your focal point.

Yard appeal – A fresh cut of the grass, trimming the bushes, planting some colorful flowers, and adding some decorative pieces can make you proud every time you pull into the yard. It only takes a few hours to make your yard look like a fabulous vacation destination. You can either do it yourself or call in the experts to get some help to make the transformation. Enhancements such as: water features, decorative stones, a hammock, and even new patio furniture can add ambiance to the yard. You will be the envy of the block when your neighbors see what you have done to the place with only a few simple and cost-effective changes.

Ultimately, you want to think what can be done this weekend to the house that is manageable and impactful to help increase the warmth and feeling of home.  Before you know it, Sunday will be here, and you will want to marvel in your finished project. For larger more costly projects such as: remodeling the kitchen, installing a new pool, or finishing the basement we have you covered with a Pioneer Valley Credit Union Home Equity Line of Credit or a Home Equity Loan.

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