Valley Updates

Important Notice: Potential Phone Scam

Pioneer Valley Credit Union was recently made aware of a potential phone scam. The unknown caller appeared as listed as Pioneer Valley Credit Union on the Caller ID; however, it was a spoofed phone number. The scammer stated that there was recent fraudulent activity on the Pioneer Valley Credit Union member's debit card. The purpose of this call was to fool members into providing their identifiable and confidential information. As a result, this person would now have access to the members’ funds and/or account information.

As a friendly reminder, Pioneer Valley Credit Union will never call you to request your PIN or CVV. Always be aware of tricks fraudsters will use in social engineering attacks to compromise your personal accounts.
At Pioneer Valley Credit Union, we take your data security very seriously. When our diligent team notices a potential fraudulent transaction, an automated call will go out to the member. A human being will not be on the other line as a first response.

After the first initial automated call, the member will have the option to talk to a trusted employee of Pioneer Valley Credit Union. The employee will never request your PIN Number or CVV.

When receiving an automated text message from Pioneer Valley Credit Union, our messages are formal and straightforward. You will never receive an informal text message from us. For example, a "Red Flag" would be to receive a message such as, "Don't want fraud txts?"

If you ever have doubts, immediately hang up the phone or do not respond to the text message. Call our Call Center toll free at 866-697-8328, Opt. 3 or email us at

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